Tips for the GMAT Preparation

1) Do not miss earlier questions as your score will be lowered.

Most critical questions are the earlier ones. Try to answer the first 5-6 questions correctly and your score will be higher.
The CAT software analyzes your range and sets questions accordingly. Easier questions with lower points will follow if your answers are wrong and tougher questions with more points if your answers are right.

Spend more time on the first few questions and that might improve your score. Avoid making careless mistakes that cannot be changed later on.

2) Intelligence is alone not enough to tackle the GMAT.

Proper preparation and smart ways of answering is what the GMAT is about. A person with high intelligence but no knowledge about the pattern of the GMAT will undoubtedly fail in the test.
The method of the testing process is complicated and needs prior knowledge and practice.
Collect as much information about the test as possible. Buy prep books, download papers and familiarize yourself with the kind of questions that will appear on the test. Preparation will help a great deal.

3) Attend a preparation class

If you are unsure of self preparation, it doesn’t hurt to invest time and money into a good preparation course, either class room or online. The tutors will be experienced and show you how to prepare and give you lots of practice.
If you want to score high on your first chance, it is better to join the class. If you score lower on your first attempt and then try again and succeed, the school may have doubts as they will have access to your previous scores also.
Invest in a first class GMAT preparation course that will help you prepare and score well. If you do not have time to attend the classes everyday, then sign up for online classes. They are more convenient.

4) The tutor is more important than the prep course.

Some really expensive prep courses have poor or inexperienced tutors. In that case, its just a waste of time and money. Great instructors are most important in helping you guide towards a good score.
Ask those who have trained and written the GMAT about good instructors. If there’s one who takes private classes and you don’t mind paying a little extra, well, take it then.

5) Timing Management is essential

A lot of practice definitely makes one successful on the GMAT. Not merely practice, but timed practice. Every section of the GMAT is timed and candidates have to complete the test within that time limit. Lots of timed practice definitely makes you a winner.
Lack of time will make you panic while you’re taking the exam. If you ignore the time ticking away, you may not complete the test. In both cases, your score will be affected.
You must get used to the pace while practice itself. Maintain a timer or download timed practice tests.


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