About GMAT, Scope of the GMAT

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer-adaptive standardized test that measures candidates’ ability in subjects, mathematics and English. The test is a general measure of aptitude that is used as a selection in mathematics and the English language for measuring aptitude to succeed academically in graduate business studies. The test is used as for selecting students for admission into business schools in United States and a number of other English speaking countries. The fee to take the test is about $250. The computer adaptive test is offered in select test locations is many countries on a limited schedule.

Scope of the GMAT
The GMAT tests students verbal, quantitative and analytical skills that one needs to develop in order to succeed in graduate school and work. The test takes about four hours to complete. GMAT scores are valid over a period of 5 years, counting from the day the test was taken. The test is scored for a maximum of 800 marks. In the recent past, the average score of the test has been 540.4, which means, around 50% of the candidates who took the test achieved a score around 540.4.
Reliability of the GMAT
There is no other exam that is as reliable as the GMAT in predicting the candidates’ performance in graduate management programs. The GMAC, administrator of the GMAT takes surveys and studies to verify how much the GMAT scores are related to the students’ performances from time to time. The correlation between the students’ GMAT score and MBA grades is closer than the undergraduate grades and MBA grades. There is also the question of average reliability. For the GMAT, it is 92%, which means if the candidate attempts the exam a second time, chances are 92% that he/she will score the same score.
Why is the GMAT Globally Accepted?
Because of its reliability, the GMAT measures students’ performance better than any other standardized test. The close relationship between the score and students’ grades has influenced the selection committees of various management schools to consider seriously the GMAT score to assess candidates’ potential. So, the GMAT is now a popular tool worldwide to evaluate potential candidates to top business schools. Hence it is the most essential part of admission for an MBA program.
Since the exam is globally recognized, there is no need for separate entrance tests for different countries or schools. By writing one test, the candidate can use the score to apply to almost any country. Most of the universities that accept the GMAT are located in the U.S and Canada. It not only helps select students for MBA programs, but also other PhD programs in courses like Finances, Accounting, Economics, etc. The test doesn’t specifically measure knowledge of any subject, but provides a general view of the candidate’s verbal, quantitative and analytical writing skills.