GMAT Registration

For taking the GMAT test in India, there are four ways of registration. They are,
1. Online
2. By phone
3. By fax
4. By mail or courier
Online Registration
For scheduling the test appointment by online, you can visit the GMAT official website and fill in your details. You can further select your choice of test center and pay the registration fees online by using a credit/debit card. The card must definitely by a Visa, MasterCard or an American Express card. It is advisable to do the online booking at least two months before you intend to take the test to avoid last minute rush. Online registration gives you the advantage of selecting the test date of your choice in the most convenient way.

Registering by Phone
Candidates who want to schedule their test date in India by phone should call the following number:
Telephone: 0120 4324628 (95120 from New Delhi)

between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Indian Standard Time to make their appointment.
The payment of registration fee if registering by phone can also be made only by credit or debit cards. i.e. Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
Registering by Fax
Registering by fax is also available in India, for which, one has to download an application form, complete it and send it to a number that is available on the GMAT official website. Check the proper Site ID number and the country code from the test center list, also available on the website and fax it. To register for the GMAT by fax, it is necessary to possess a credit or debit card, preferably Mastercard, Visa or American Express. The completed application form should be sent to: +61 2 9901 3330
Registering by Mail
To book for the GMAT test by mail, candidates must download and complete the application form available on the GMAT official website and mail it. One needs to use the test center list for the site ID and the country code list that is also available on the website. To mail the application form, one must send it along with the payment to:

Pearson VUE
Attention: GMAT® Program
PO Box 581907
Minneapolis, MN 55458-1907
All the necessary documents must be sent at least three weeks before the choice of the test day. On receiving the documents, the test date will be fixed for you at the preferred test center in your city. Confirmation of the date, time and location of the test will be sent back to you. If you do not receive the confirmation mail at least three days before your first choice of exam date, you must call the VUE customer service center to verify the same. All candidates in India must possess their valid passports and bring them on the test day as a proof of identity. Without your passport, you will not be allowed to take the test.


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